New regulations for private aircraft owners

Referring to the new EASA Part-NCC regulation, that took affect at the end of August 2016, private aircraft operations are being stricter now. The new regulation for Non-Commercial operation of Complex (NCC) sets higher safety standards for private operations in an EASA member state country. It applies also to aircraft which are registered in other (third) countries.

The intention is, to raise the safety level, and comply with commercial operational standards. It effects private business jet or helicopter owners and is fined by the European Aviation Safety Administration if regulations are not met. Steffen Fries, CEO of MHS Aviation: ”MHS Aviation assists privat owners to meet the new Part NCC aircraft regulations by providing the necessary manuals, schedule the training´s and take care of the daily operation. Private aircraft owners also benefit from the advantages of a large commercial operation for example on fuel, insurance and handling-fees through the company’s unique economies of scale. I am looking forward supporting you personally, please contact me for any assistance!”

Your Part NCC Support


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Get the latest deals and more.